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VoiSentry is designed to enable OEM partners to quickly and cost-effectively add voice authentication and identification to any telephony-based application.

VoiSentry benefits

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Cost efficiency

Eliminates the time and cost associated with agent-led ID&V for the majority of calls.

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Fraud prevention

Enables enhanced security with anti-spoofing and multi-factor caller authentication.

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User experience

Provides a simple, unobtrusive and intuitive method of caller ID and verification.

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User satisfaction

Eliminates the need for all those irritating security questions at the beginning of a call.

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Flexible deployment

VoiSentry is the ideal choice for multiple, distinct applications and hosted solutions.

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Added value

Voice biometrics allows systems integrators to add further value to their solutions.

Plan to succeed with voice biometrics

The success of any voice biometrics implementation is built upon a foundation of careful planning. View our planning guide to help you define the key elements for your next project.

VoiSentry features

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Ease of integration

Provided as a VM image that can be deployed on your platform of choice: on-premises hardware, data centre or cloud.

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Highly scalable

Aggregating nodes to create a multi-node cluster offers you scalability and inter-node, intra-cluster load sharing.

VoiSentry - Robust Architecture Icon

Robust architecture

The unique VoiSentry infrastructure provides automatic failover and eliminates a single point of failure, enhancing business continuity.

VoiSentry - Unique Passphrase Icon

Unique passphrase

Callers are free to create their own unique, user-defined passphrase for both initial identification and ongoing authentication.

VoiSentry - Flexible Onboarding Icon

Flexible onboarding

Choose from text-dependent, active onboarding of users using phrase repetition or passive onboarding during normal conversation.

VoiSentry - Cost Efficiency Icon

Cost efficiency

Adding voice biometrics for authentication is more cost-effective than you think and delivers a rapid and sustained return on investment.

Speaker identification vs verification

VoiSentry voice biometrics allows users to clearly understand who is calling or speaking on a voice channel using speaker identification or speaker verification.

While speaker verification allows for a one-to-one comparison to a single reference file (voiceprint) generating a simple yes/no result, identification compares the speaker’s voice to a database of multiple voiceprints. This allows the system to return a unique value combined with a degree of confidence.

VoiSentry can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively into almost any business or customer interaction solution. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, VoiSentry enables organisations to replace costly, time-consuming and frustrating identification processes by allowing customers to interact using their voice.

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