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Voice biometrics is the future of speaker identification and authentication, delivering enhanced fraud protection and a more streamlined customer experience.

VoiSentry benefits

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More secure than token, PIN or password.

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Improve fraud detection and prevention.

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Reduce the cost of caller authentication.

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Improve the speed and convenience of caller ID&V.

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Meet compliance obligations for data protection.

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Contribute to a wide range of contact centre KPIs.

Speaker verification tailored to your users

Not all speaker verification solutions are created equal. While accuracy and reliability are paramount, the design of your solution is critical to it being accepted by users and achieving your objectives.

VoiSentry features

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Ease of integration

Provided as a VM image that can be deployed on your platform of choice: on-premises hardware, data centre or cloud.

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Highly scalable

Aggregating nodes to create a multi-node cluster offers you scalability and inter-node, intra-cluster load sharing.

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Robust architecture

The unique VoiSentry infrastructure provides automatic failover and eliminates a single point of failure, enhancing business continuity.

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Unique passphrase

Callers are free to create their own unique, user-defined passphrase for both initial identification and ongoing authentication.

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Flexible onboarding

Choose from text-dependent, active onboarding of users using phrase repetition or passive onboarding during normal conversation.

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Cost efficiency

Adding voice biometrics for authentication is more cost-effective than you think and delivers a rapid and sustained return on investment.

Speaker identification vs verification

VoiSentry voice biometrics allows users to clearly understand who is calling or speaking on a voice channel using speaker identification or speaker verification.

While speaker verification allows for a one-to-one comparison to a single reference file (voiceprint) generating a simple yes/no result, identification compares the speaker’s voice to a database of multiple voiceprints. This allows the system to return a unique value combined with a degree of confidence.

VoiSentry can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively into almost any business or customer interaction solution. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, VoiSentry enables organisations to replace costly, time-consuming and frustrating identification processes by allowing customers to interact using their voice.

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