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What’s wrong with Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA)?

For many years, online and telephone-based authentication has relied on knowledge-based systems using passwords, PINs, and question-and-answer dialogues to confirm a customer’s identity.

With the explosion in the number of contact centres, this approach is close to breaking point. Nobody in the modern world can be expected to remember all of the passwords they need to securely access all their services.

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It’s voice biometrics, not rocket science

The concept of biometric speaker identification or verification may, at one stage, have seemed like a technical nightmare. The reality is somewhat different. All the sophisticated algorithms and voice processing have already been developed; deploying the application is actually the simple part.

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10 reasons to use voice biometrics – part 2

Although it often appears on lists like ‘the Top (choose a number) most important areas’ of contact centre plans, it has been a challenge traditionally for executives to build a viable business case for new contact centre technologies, and voice biometrics is not immune to that.

Following on from our initial top 5 reasons, below are the remainder of top 10 reasons.

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The true value of voice biometrics

In the first of a series of blogs aimed at dispelling the myths that may be acting as barriers to adoption, we address the misconception that voice biometrics is expensive to deploy or manage.

When building a business case for voice biometrics, it is important to frame the argument in terms of a value proposition, not purely a cost consideration. This includes the tangible benefits of an improved customer and agent experience.

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Coronavirus and the role of biometrics

With much of the world’s population subject to restrictions on their movements, home working and social distancing have become the new normal. This raises some interesting issues around remote identity verification.

In this post we explore how voice biometrics can be applied to many scenarios; offering the advantage of a safer, sanitary, contactless alternative to fingerprint scanners and similar biometric technology devices.

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10 reasons to use voice biometrics – part 1

In the first of a two-part series, we explore ten good reasons why you should be using voice biometrics. In part one we concentrate on the anti-fraud benefits of the technology and how it’s being used to improve the customer experience.

We also look at the broader impact voice biometrics is having within contact centre operations as it adds security without unnecessary friction, helping to accelerate call resolution and reduce customer frustration.

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Security in the contact centre

The increasing sophistication of fraudsters means it’s no longer acceptable, or even feasible, to rely solely on knowledge-based authentication (KBA). When it comes to identity verification, answers to questions about your date of birth and your mother’s maiden name just don’t cut it anymore.

See how the continual evolution in security standards positions voice biometrics as the fulcrum of your multi-factor authentication approach.

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The question of accuracy in voice biometrics

When it comes to any form of identity verification, accuracy is a core measure of success. So, in respect to the accuracy of voice biometrics, what are people saying?

Take a deep-dive into common vendor messaging and explore the true meaning behind these statistics as well as key insights into how to drive accuracy, reliability and adoption of your system in live environments.

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The value of accurate voice identification

Voice biometrics is often synonymous with speaker verification; a one-to-one comparison designed to prove someone says they are who they say they are. However, it plays an equally important role in speaker identification. At first glance these may seem like different names for the same thing, but there are some significant differences. We highlight the key applications and associated benefits of speaker ID in your organisation.

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How voice biometrics is transforming contact centre engagement

For many organisations, the contact centre is the nexus of customer engagement. We all have a tale of contact centre woe where we’ve been frustrated by the process of verification. It’s something that all contact centre managers are acutely aware of, but it can be challenging to get right. We explore the transformative power of voice biometrics and how this is delivering cost-effective, secure and personalised customer engagements.

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Time to check in on voice biometrics

The mobile nature of today’s workforce means businesses need to know the whereabouts and well being of their employees, for a variety of reasons. Of course, there’s more to it than just time and attendance tracking. They range from access and data security concerns, to personal safety and workforce management responsibilities. We examine the vital role voice biometrics is now playing in the latest generation of workforce management systems.

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Lies, damn lies and statistics

You’ve got a great product, but do you need to manufacture hype in order to sell it? There’s nothing wrong with using a little ‘artistic license’, but is using big numbers to beguile the audience as bad as using big words to disguise the true meaning? We assess the true performance of voice biometrics solutions, examining how to look beyond the “big numbers” and identify quality over quantity.

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Applications for voice biometrics

In a digital age, the way we communicate, and authenticate, has implications for a wide range of business and consumer applications. The remote nature of most of our day-to-day communications means we are frequently required to prove who we are in order to gain access to systems and data alike. Explore the applications already in use for voice biometrics.

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Multi-factor authentication and the PSD2

Over the past ten years we have seen identity theft and fraudulent account access become the primary motivators behind data theft and cyber-crime. With the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) coming into action in 2019, requiring businesses involved in financial transactions to employ multi-factor authentication, what are the implications for your organisation?

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An introduction to voice biometrics

Our ability to prove our identity governs everything from going on holiday to accessing our place of work or simply paying our bills. Our identity is a power thing. It has great value. In our latest article we provide an introduction to voice biometrics and how this is providing practical support for fraud prevention.

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Choosing your passphrase

What makes a good passphrase? Does your system type effect your approach? We examine the various speaker verification system types available and key considerations you need to be aware of when deploying your own speaker verification system (or want to apply best practice to your existing one).

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Making the most of voice biometrics

So, you’ve made the decision to invest in voice biometrics to help improve customer experience and mitigate the risk of fraud. How can you make the most of your investment? We take you through the key steps for getting the most from your system, ensuring both you and your customers realise the benefits of voice biometrics.

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The kiss of life for speaker authentication

How do you eliminate the Spanish inquisition at the beginning of every customer call? In this article we explore the impact of using automatic speaker verification (ASV) in your business. Including how voice biometrics based ASV can make your customer interactions more efficient, convenient and secure.

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