Keep up-to-date with the latest insights and developments on voice biometrics, speaker verification and speaker authentication.

Multi-factor authentication and the PSD2

Over the past ten years we have seen identity theft and fraudulent account access become the primary motivators behind data theft and cyber-crime. With the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) coming into action in 2019, requiring businesses involved in financial transactions to employ multi-factor authentication, what are the implications for your organisation?

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An introduction to voice biometrics

Our ability to prove our identity governs everything from going on holiday to accessing our place of work or simply paying our bills. Our identity is a power thing. It has great value. In our latest article we provide an introduction to voice biometrics and how this is providing practical support for fraud prevention.

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Choosing your passphrase

What makes a good passphrase? Does your system type effect your approach? We examine the various speaker verification system types available and key considerations you need to be aware of when deploying your own speaker verification system (or want to apply best practice to your existing one).

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Making the most of voice biometrics

So, you’ve made the decision to invest in voice biometrics to help improve customer experience and mitigate the risk of fraud. How can you make the most of your investment? We take you through the key steps for getting the most from your system, ensuring both you and your customers realise the benefits of voice biometrics.

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The kiss of life for speaker authentication

How do you eliminate the Spanish inquisition at the beginning of every customer call? In this article we explore the impact of using automatic speaker verification (ASV) in your business. Including how voice biometrics based ASV can make your customer interactions more efficient, convenient and secure.

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