VoiSentry biometric speaker verification and authentication software

Using voice biometrics for identity verification is a win-win situation, for businesses and their customers alike.

About VoiSentry

VoiSentry APIs enable enhanced security and fraud protection through the application of biometric voice authentication.

Business users and contact centre operators can improve the user experience by allowing customers to identify themselves by their voice alone.

Look who’s talking

In this publication, we explore the principles behind voice identity technologies, uncover the benefits of automatic speaker recognition and highlight the growing number of use cases for voice biometrics.

What our clients say

For customers

Explore the features and benefits of VoiSentry, from ease of implementation to positive impact on customer experience and contact centre performance.
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For developers

Discover how to add scalable, resilient and multimodal biometric speaker verification to your contact centre applications with VoiSentry.
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